Shane Krige

South African born, father, husband and hotelier having lived throughout the USA, London, Bangalore India and now back in the USA. These experiences have help shaped the way "I look through my lens" on life.

Photography is a very personal way of how I want to "speak" and communicate my stories and experiences to the world.

People are the most relevant, personal and critical element of a photograph to give it life, meaning and purpose. I need people in my photographs to help communicate the mutual need for a story to be told.

At the end of the day my goal is to create a photography that will let you feel the emotion, people, culture and humanity of life in a capture that speaks to you personally in some way.

I am fascinated and both challenged by film photography with 35mm, medium and large format vintage cameras - "Film is Not Dead"

Photography is a release and a creative counter balance to help me see things as they should be.

Shane Krige
United States